About Us

Background of Promoter

SriKiran Biotech was set up in July 2004. The company is promoted by Dr. K. Srinivas who is the founder. He is a Doctorate with specialization in Eucalyptus. Before starting the company, he was with M/S ITC Limited (Formerly ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd.) as one of the Managers in Plantations and was with the team for creating the unique Success story of Clonal Eucalyptus Plantations for the first time in India.

Dr.Srinivas has over 20 years of experience in the field of Tree Improvement, Clonal Plant Production including Infrastructure Development. He is actively associated in plantation development programmes for various paper industries and forest departments, in erection of green houses, developing protocols for clonal plant production of various forest species including Eucalyptus and raising of clonal pulp wood plantations. He visited countries like South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Indonesia and acquired good knowledge on Agriculture and Forestry.

Dr.Srinivas played a vital role in the designing and establishment of the clonal production centre at Tamil Nadu Paper and Newsprint Ltd. (TNPL) for an annual capacity of 10 million clonal plants and is presently Consultant and Facilitator for the production of Eucalyptus & Casuarina Clonal Plants and for the promotion of Clonal plantations of TNPL. He is also offering Consultancy Services in the field of Infrastructure Development for Clonal Plant Production to Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation (APFDC), Gujarat Forest Department and Gujarat Forest Development Corporation and various paper mills.

Dr.Srinivas visited Israel and acquired knowledge on the cultivation of Vegetable crops under green house conditions and is growing vegetables like Tomato, Capsicum & Chillies under protected Poly Houses and is producing containerized seedlings of vegetables.
About Our Company
Bullet Plant Capacity :
  5 million clonal plants annually. 
Bullet Major Customers:
  Our major customers are Farmers, Timber Industries, Paper Industry, Forest Departments and other forest based industries. Some of our reputed customers are Tamil Nadu News Print (TNPL), ITC Ltd, Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation, etc.
Bullet Team:
  SriKiran Biotech has a Team of Professionals comprising of Engineers from various disciplines like Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, Doctorates and Post Graduates in various fields of Agriculture involved in Clonal plant production along with a good work force.

With our expertise and technical skills we are confident of fulfilling our clients requirements to their satisfaction.
SriKiran Biotech excel’s in:
Arrow Pulp Wood Plantation Research
Arrow Infra structure development for clonal plant Production
Arrow Agro forestry constultancy
Arrow Turn key Plantation projects
Arrow Protected Agriculture in green houses Production of Eucalyptus and Casuarina clonal plants
Production and Capacity
The nursery production area occupies a floor space of 52,000 sq metres, including:

Green Houses – 2,500 sq metres
Growing-on areas in full sun – 8,000 sq metres plus

R&D Lab, Work sheds, Plant packing shed, Office, Staff Amenities and other facilities.
Production is by apical cutting propagation.

Experience and achievements:
Arrow produced over 30 million eucalypt clones for forestry
Arrow screened over 1000 different eucalypt clones for commercial viability of the propagation process
Arrow produced 1.5 million saline tolerant eucalypt clones for forestry and rehabilitation of saline land
Arrow Raised over 10,000 hectares of plantations in waste lands on turnkey basis
Arrow Providing consulting services to various forest corporations, forest departments, pulp and paper industries and other growers regarding plantations and nurseries.