Research & Development

The Research & Development (R&D) section of Srikiran Biotech is dedicated to commercialising elite clones and new varieties for forestry and agriculture throughout India .

Development of mass production systems for new clones is a 4-phase process:

Capturing the elite material identified in the plantation into the nursery;

Phase 2:
Propagation trials to assess the commercial feasibility of clonal propagation for each clone;

Phase 3:
Development of the propagation protocols for each clone;

Phase 4:
The mass propagation of the crop for establishment of plantations.

Clonal Solutions’ experience in developing mass production systems for new clones has highlighted the advantages to companies of starting Phase 1 (capturing into the nursery) and Phase 2 (propagation trials) as early as possible in their plantation improvement project.

There are key advantages of running these phases simultaneously with other work (eg establishment of seed orchards), and this is the most cost-effective, efficient and practical way of establishing a clonal programme.